Beth Roman

In Memory of Mary Elizabeth “Beth” Roman

Life took an unexpected turn on Monday, April 23, with the passing of our cherished friend, team member and loved one, Beth Roman.

Her gentle spirit and kind soul will live on in our hearts and she will always known as the quintessential Southern Lady—full of compassion and tender hospitality. She lived, walked, wrote, and spoke with grace, pride and dignity.

Beth believed in caring for her family and friends with total commitment and an unselfish love. Her pure adoration of her husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren was palpable.

To know Beth was to be her friend.

Her gracious energy, infectious smile and sparkling eyes were a constant companion to all of us at Karen Rapp Interiors as well as Hayes Studio. She is a treasured friend and her absence is greatly felt.

If you so choose, memorial contributions may be made in Beth Roman’s name to Saint Vincent de Paul (P.O. Box 13600, Phoenix, AZ 85002).



Born and raised in Texas, I was steeped in the tradition that Southern women always make the effort. As a child, I remember being fascinated with Lady Bird Johnson, the epitome of grace and hospitality. Her inspiration and guidance have served me well, because I firmly believe that ‘graciousness and hospitality’ should always be considered as both a function and an outcome of great interior design. – Beth Roman

Schooled in photography and hospitality—particularly hotel and restaurant management—Beth Roman was been a mainstay of the Karen Rapp Interiors team for seven years.

One of her most important contributions to KRI’s residential design projects was the vast industry knowledge she’s amassed over the past decade and a half, working with many industry partners in the design field.

Beth said: As a design assistant and project manager, it’s important to listen to and understand the client, the lead designer, the vendors, the people in the workrooms, the builders, and on. Having the knowledge to translate ‘industry speak’ into plain language to help the client understand what’s at hand is, I think, an important skill, and one that I pride myself on bringing to the table.