Meet Ruth Shaw

It all began 16 years ago when I met Karen at a Holiday Cookie Exchange and asked her about her interior design business. She told me that she was growing and at that time she was looking for an “Office Wife.” You know, someone to keep everything together and make her day seamless. Well, I asked her if she would consider an “Office Mother” – this job I knew quite well. The rest is history.

Having worked with Karen, doing just about every job in our design firm, I have always managed the financial side of the business. I have been a successful small business owner and a financial officer on large government projects. It is with this expertise, I have come to fondly call “KRI” my home and help direct the growth and potential of my favorite design firm.

I have often thought it and want to take this opportunity here to say — if you are considering a home improvement project or new construction, an interior designer is one of the most prudent and cost effective things you can do. Having a constant coach by your side to guide you, to confer with you, and to field all those questions from contractors, architects and even salesmen, is the only way to go, and well worth your money. Your interior design team is your shield when decisions have to be made, your team representative, and before you know it, your new friend. Not only will this be a joyful home, but a good financial venture.

I look forward to your new project and meeting one of you soon to be clients.

Meet Valerie Norris

valerienorrisWhat a difference a decade makes. For close to eleven years, I have joined forces with Karen Rapp in creating magical spaces for truly enchanting clients and to continue with the metaphor; it really has been dreamlike.

Whether it is a month long revitalization of a bathroom to its original charm or a full-scale, two-year project from the first dirt flip to the final light bulb; each and every project has been a meaningful and memorable experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the best in their fields from General Contractors and Architects to Mom and Pops who excel at lamp shade making. Each and every member of our teams has brought not only their expertise, but their hearts as well, to the design. It is no surprise that the clients are soon part of the KRI family and continue to be so.

Interior Design is unlike any other industry in which I have been involved. My background is business with a strong connection to real estate. I often joke that I can negotiate a ten-year lease with fewer steps than it takes to make a pillow. Someone once said there are 150,000 decisions to make in designing a home. I’m a believer. With Karen’s able guidance and our team’s strong commitment; each decision makes the next one easier. We even had clients mourn the end of our scheduled time together upon settling into their homes as they truly enjoyed the process. That is very satisfying.

So, here’s to the next decade of design… and more family members!

Meet Karen Rapp

Welcome to the very first Karen Rapp Interiors blog post and the world of a small but mighty interior design studio.

karen-rappI have had the incredible good fortune of practicing interior design for the last 25 years. An art and practice that I am truly passionate about… it is an honor to work with clients and families who have engaged me to create and discover the style soul of their homes and living spaces.

Everyday is different and everyday I learn something new. I have been blessed with many mentors beginning with my Daddy John Rapp, family members, friends, clients and colleagues who have coached, offered sage advice and supported me in this career of Interior Design. All leading to my continued success and the ever changing practice of interior design.

My biggest blessing and treasure in Karen Rapp Interiors is my team: Ruth Shaw (Office Bookkeeper & Operations Manager + everything else); Valerie Norris (Project Design Manager); Beth Roman (Project Design Manager); and Emily Foote (Best ever CAD lady).

In the weeks and months to come we will all be contributing to this Karen Rapp Interiors loving design blog… What we love about it, what have been our challenges and the many creative solutions.

Bottom line I have never tired of the process, for me the means has truly become the end. And a happy ending it is forever and ever.

xo kk (my auntie name)