Ruth Shaw, Karen Rapp Interiors

Having worked closely with Karen as well as having worked every job in our design firm, my primary focus has always been managing the financial side of the business. In the past, I owned several businesses, both large and small, and served as a financial officer for large government projects.

I have come to fondly call “KRI” my home; a place where I can apply myself through knowledge, past experiences and strong work ethic to help direct the growth and achieve the potential of my favorite design firm. –Ruth Shaw


Beginning with her work in finance in both the private and public sectors, along with ownership of her own, successful small business, Ruth has honed her talents —and sharpened her pencil—as an indispensable member of the Karen Rapp Interiors team.

In her role at KRI, Ruth practices what she preaches: that an interior design firm, like any other business, needs a steady financial voice in all its project-related decisions. The goal, of course, is for 100% financial accountability to the client, and, also, that the artistic goals for the project always fall within the boundaries of sound fiscal management.

From her unique financial perspective, Ruth notes: “If you are considering a home improvement project or new construction, an interior designer is one of the most prudent and cost-effective things you can do. Having a constant coach by your side to guide you, to confer with you and to field all those questions from contractors, architects and vendors, is the only way to go, and it’s well worth your investment. Your interior design team is your shield when decisions have to be made—and, before you know it, also your new friend.