Hand-selected Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14th is fast approaching—and that means it’s time to think about your mom, or that special mother-like figure in your life.

But, not to worry if you haven’t hit Amazon Prime or your local mall.

The expert design team at Karen Rapp Interiors has you covered because we’ve hand-selected gift ideas just for you . . . just in time for Mother’s Day.

And there’s a bonus! A few selections do not require a credit card, or special handling and shipping.

So, following are a wide range of ideal gifts to consider for any and all precious moms, aunts and other motherly figures in your life.


Karen Rapp’s hand-selected gift ideas:

Here’s a Mother’s Day gift nearly anyone can afford: the gift of your time.

“My late mother, Joyce, absolutely loved to clean out and organize drawers and closets as well as her kitchen,” explained Karen Rapp. “So I would often go up to Utah to help her organize her condo. She was always so appreciative.”

linen closet organization

Luckily, Mother’s Day coincides with spring-cleaning time, so it makes a perfect gift. That assistance extended as well to spring planting.

“And speaking of planting, as practical as it might seem, I think Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler is a great choice for mothers who garden and still love to cook at home,” said Karen. She then admitted that her own mother would not appreciate receiving an appliance for Mother’s Day, but Karen herself would!

A word of caution: The Zera does take up some space in the kitchen or butler’s pantry, but it composts food waste in a jiffy. In fact, it can turn a week’s worth of food scraps into usable fertilizer in just 24 hours.

Zera Food Recycler - hand-selected gift ideas for mother's day

The food recycler is as simple as pressing a button, and the results are homemade fertilizer usable on lawns and gardens, or in potted plants.

It’s fully automatic and can accept a variety of different types of food—e.g., dairy, meat, bread, etc.

What’s more, the Zera machine automatically monitors its heat, air and moisture levels while in use.


Beth Roman’s gift ideas:

For one of her selections, Beth suggests giving your mother a wind chime. One of her favorites is a bronze Soleri wind chime.

cosanti wind bell chime

Famous the world over, these beautiful wind bells and chimes were originally the design of Paolo Soleri, the renowned architect and visionary who founded an idealistic community in the high desert north of Phoenix, Arizona.

“When they chime in the summer breeze or during a winter rainstorm, I think of my kids and smile,” Beth said.

They are exceedingly beautiful and have a soft chiming sound.

She has four small wind bells, and loves them all! (She got her first about 25 years ago.)

And secondly, Beth is always in favor of giving a magazine subscription, as it’s a gift that gives over and over again all year long.

Two of her personal favorites are Southern Living and Garden & Gun.

“Southern Living was a favorite of my mother’s. She first gave me a subscription to the magazine a few years after I was married, and, thereafter, she and I would often create our monthly food recipes together.”

Beth’s dad introduced her to Garden & Gun.

“It’s a fascinating magazine, and I renew my subscription every year.”


Valerie Norris’s gift ideas:

Experienced-based gifts are favorites of Val, especially because both her mother and mother-in-law are at a stage in life where purging is more desirable than gathering.

“I am so proud of both my mom and my mother-in-law’s technology aptitude and their knowledge of social media and computers in general,” Valerie shares.

“But, with the rapid rise of smartphone and iPad complexities, it’s getting harder for them to keep up with texting, emojis, cameras, etc.”

ipad training senior

So she highly recommends gifting moms and mother-like figures with some technology classes at their nearest Apple store or Microsoft store. And it’s even better if you can accompany them and learn alongside them.

“As I discovered, before you know it, they’ll be sending texts with exploding confetti, dancing frogs, and, of course, the obligatory “smiley face”!”

You can also check out computer training courses at your local public library and recreation centers. There are even special tablet and phone workshops through AARP Tek, and a plethora of free online courses. The options are endless—and just a Google search away!

tablet and phone training for seniors

Val’s next idea is about the gift of charitable giving.

“A few years back, my mom and I walked 60 miles over a three-day time frame, in support of breast cancer awareness,” explained Val. “Walking from Santa Barbara to Malibu, California, we traversed ocean paths, hillsides and scenic neighborhoods.”

3 day shoe salute

They walked with like-minded individuals wearing t-shirts that read ‘I would walk a million miles to see you one more day,’ which left them in a roller coaster of emotions and elations

The Norris family cheered from the sidelines, supporting their every footfall.

3 day walk

“On the final day, a mile from the finish, I grabbed my daughter’s hand as three generations of us triumphantly crossed the finish line. We were physically exhausted, mentally thrilled and emotionally exalted.”

That’s why Valerie hopes you’ll consider giving the gift of participating in a charitable event together. After all, sharing these memories reminds us of our shared experience as a human family.

No matter what you buy, share, make or give your mother, aunt or fabulous female in your life, all of us at Karen Rapp Interiors hope you have an enjoyable time!

hand-selected gift ideas for mothers day


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