Valerie Norris

Valerie Norris, Karen Rapp Interiors

Interior design is unlike any industry in which I’ve been involved. A local architect claimed there are 150,000 decisions involved in designing a home – and I am a believer. With Karen Rapp Interiors’ experienced team and strong commitment to our clients, each decision we make renders the next one that much easier.

Odd as it might seem, we even have clients that mourn the end of our time together upon settling into their homes. That’s proof of the strong client/designer partnership that Karen Rapp Interiors forms. – Valerie Norris


Valerie Norris fell into interior design naturally. She brings more than 15 years experience in space planning and functional design for companies large and small.

Coupling her project management expertise with her desire for balanced, thoughtful interiors, it’s no wonder why Val is a natural for the design profession.

Whether it’s a month-long master bath renovation or a comprehensive, two-year new build, every design project becomes a meaningful and memorable experience for Val.

As she notes: I thrive on deconstructing a challenge or project and organizing it into manageable parts. No two days are alike and all parts of the brain get fired up at one time or another throughout the day. I enjoy harnessing my creativity and financial skills to see the big picture as well as managing the smallest details.

I always say I am a “student of human dynamics,” and I make an effort to listen to all players involved in our projects, with an objective to help us come together in our shared goal: client satisfaction.